Trapping Services & TNVR Program

Trapping/ TNVR


Our Trapping/ TNVR (Trap/Neuter/ Vaccinate/ Return) services are provided on a “case by case” basis. All requests are reviewed by our committee, and the decision on whether we will be able to provide this service is based on many factors including time, location, circumstances, and resources such as available foster homes (if applicable) and funds. We are a 100% volunteer run rescue that relies solely on donations and fundraising.

Each circumstance is different.

Some we are able to easily assist with, such as trapping a friendly stray cat and/ or kittens for OTHER organizations, that already have a place for them to go to, once they are trapped. This situation is just a matter of coordinating a volunteer’s available free time, and possible travel expense.

Other situations, such as requests to trap strays and/ or ferals that have no place to go once trapped, can be very complicated. It’s easy enough (sometimes) to trap the cats & kittens, but then the question becomes a matter of “do we have an available foster home to place them in”. There is always a shortage of good foster homes and funds required to feed and provide medical care.

TNVR (Trap/Neuter/Vaccinate/Return) is a service that we provide to “Managed” colonies to the City of Kingston and surrounding areas. By “Managed” we mean that you (the colony caretaker) have dedicated yourself to care for your colony for the duration of its lifetime by providing food/ water & shelter. An on-site visit to view the colony would be permitted prior to final approval into the program.

The colony caretaker would be responsible to live-trap the cats from their colony and transport them to their spay/neuter appointments. If need be, we would assist in trapping, and try to make other arrangements on an individual colony basis. This would be dependent on available volunteers.

Please complete an "Assistance Application" if you would like to further discuss how we may be able to assist you.