Barn Cat Program


We are looking for cat lovers/property owners who need “working cats” for their nice warm barns. There are times, when we rescue a feral cat that cannot be returned to its previous location, or a friendly stray that is not suited to life as an indoor cat. In these circumstances we would look to rehome to a barn.

All cats would be spayed/ neutered, rabies vaccinated, dewormed & flea treated. This program is designed to find homes for cats that would traditionally be deemed un-adoptable through “normal” adoption procedures. Having barn cats is mutually beneficial. They will help keep down the rodent population, help deter other stray cats from moving in, and as these cats are already spayed/neutered, the property owner won’t have to worry about endless litters of kittens.

Cats will be transferred out through a no-charge adoption fee to qualifying homes, although donations towards vet costs are always appreciated.

Qualifying homes must provide:

• Fresh food and water every day

• A secure, dry barn or building for shelter with heat source

• The commitment and ability to keep the cats confined to a stall, small room, or crate for 3-4 weeks (depends on the cats and the barn) to acclimate them to their new environment before release.

• The willingness to trap the cats to provide licensed veterinary care in the event of a severe injury or illness.

• A staff or volunteer may visit the location to ensure it is appropriate for barn cats. In some circumstances pictures of the barn/shop will be requested instead.

We may not always have cats available immediately but will try to fill your request as soon as possible. We will maintain a waiting list as the number of cats available as candidates for the Barn Cat Program.